Friday, October 30, 2009

Sad sad morning.

My grandpa lost his battle with cancer this morning. I can't sleep. I have known it was coming for about a week now, but I don't think anything can really prepare you for this. He was an AMAZING man. A lot of my childhood was spent at him and my grandmas house in Idaho. Although; I do feel really really lucky. Not very often do you get to hug, kiss, and tell your loved ones goodbye before they pass. Him and my grandma had a love like I have never ever seen. I'm gonna miss him so so much.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We are back!!!

I really missed the blogging world. Life has been so crazy I just haven't had time for it. But yes we are still alive. Tal is 16 months old now!!!! And she is happier than ever, and makes me smile so much! And I am just trying find a job, and figure out which direction to take in life! I have lots to catch up on so make sure you check back often :)

Yep.... Tal is still a smiley ham. And an even cuter stinker! (hehe) This is actually Hazen's Halloween costume. Me and Tal are gonna be pirates!!