Monday, May 17, 2010


Me and tally found us a cute little apartment. Living with my dad and Kathy til I got my feet on the ground was VERY much appreciated... I have so much gratitude for my family I could scream! They are the best!!! But it is very nice to have our own space again. Tally probably apprecieates the comfort and stability of her own room again as much as I do:) I have been very blessed to be a single mom and still get to stay home with my babe! I couldn't ask for a better blessing. I still watch my little bro throughout the day and clean at nights (about 20 hrs a week) to earn some dough:) It's really nice, cause Tal can just come with me. So not only do I get to be a stay at home mom, my bestest little buddy gets to come to work with me:) She enjoys it as much as I do I think. She loves to dust:)
Me: I have had a run around tryin to adjust to what life has thrown at me, but I think I got it handled:) I am very happy. I went through some depression and hard times tryin to find myself again. And here I am! I am so excited for my future and the good things to come:) And so so grateful for trials and bumpy roads cause I have learned so so much about myself.... I have really learned to appreciate myself and what I have to offer this world. I ran into Russ Gardner the other day, outta the blue he came up and gave me a big hug, paused, looked at me and said,"U've got ur twinkle back in your eyes, u lost it for awhile girl, its very nice to see hun, I'm proud of ya." Those words meant more to me than any I can remember this past year!:) And it kinda reassured me that yes... yes I do:) The twinkle is most definitely back and my smiles are bigger than ever!!! Enough about me.....
Tally boo: (we call her that, cause she looked just like boo off of monsters inc:) Especially when she has pigtails:)) She is doin so great! I didn't realize how much change affects our little ones:( Since we have moved into our own place and rid away the stress and just lived our lives, she has slept through the night again and just enjoys life. Nothin makes me more happy than to be with her and giggle with her. Her smile makes me want to climb to any mountain top and scream how amazing and important she makes me feel! She is really the light of my life. I can't imagine my life without her. She is 22 months old now! Almost 2!! I can't even believe it!!!! She has turned into the sweetest, silliest, comforting little princess. She is full of kisses, loves, and of course attitude. All of which completes my days! She has been so so sick these last few days with the flu. It has just made my heart wrench! I have never dealt with her sick like this before. Although she has been quite a sport! No whining, no crying, all she needs is my hand on her bare tummy:) Poor little stinker. She is feelin better today though. 2 days ago I just cryed and cryed cause I felt so helpless that I couldn't take it all away from her:( Its crazy how much motherhood takes a toll on our emotions and makes u realize how much we take for granted having healthy kids. It almost hurts us more to see them sick than them actually feeling it!! She is getting some color back and plays a little more, so she should be better in no time!
All pictures in next post... beware! There is lots!!!

We are back and feelin better than ever!!!

For those of u that keep up with my blog.... I'm still alive!! I will be posting lots... I have a lot to catch up on!