Monday, November 15, 2010

Update... May-August

Since it has been since May that I have even posted anything.. I will update and add pics of our lifes since then:)

May: I turned 22. I don't know why, but turning 22 was kind of hard for me. Haha. I know it is still so young, but it just seemed like a HUGE change from 21, and a lot older. I didn't do anything too special. Just relaxed with Talya all day, ate at Tootsies with a friend, and had dinner and cake with family the next day:)
June: Enjoyed Bear Lake a little bit. Tal and Haze LOVE the lake! They had so much fun:) Visited my mom while we were there as well:) Also, a lot of park and pool time in June with friends:)

July: A lot happened in July! Tal turned 2! My little sweetie is growing up way too fast. Her birthday was fun, and of course she got spoiled rotten. We celebrated cake and ice cream at the town park with close family and friends. Nothing too fancy this year. A trip to Lava to swim. Also, another visit to the Bear Lake with my Lakyn and her son. The kids had a BALL! 4th of July fun with the fam!:) And my sister Whitney's wedding. (I will post about and share pics in a seperate post, about the Cram wedding and reception.

August: Fair time:) Tal had a blast at the county fair. She would have rode rides all day everyday had I have let her! She also enjoyed lots of cotton candy and the reptile exhibit a time or two. She LOVES turtles! Also, I was able to go to my friend Paige's wedding, she's looking STUNNING! Very happy for her and Brady. Went on my yearly vaca trip to Vegas with one of my best friends. (Seperate post and pics for Vegas trip.)

Holy Crap! Sorry for the disappearing act! Ha!

Life has been so crazy busy lately. It seems anyway, but not all that much is going on. I just haven't made blogging a priority. I plan to keep this thing updated, as I have said many times before, but for real this time:)

Things are great! I am still watching my handsome little brother every day, clean at nights and on the weekend for a company called Varsity based out of Idaho. It's not the funnest, but it keeps a roof over my head and Tal happy, that she gets a stay at home mom, AND gets to come to work with mommy:) Believe it or not, she is a HUGE help. Her company makes the job a ton more fun!

I am very excited for the holidays this year. I already have my Christmas trees up:) Yes, plural. Tal HAD to have a little 4 foot pink tree that just stole her heart at the Family Dollar, alongside the traditional one:) I don't mind it much either:) Its pretty cute! I will post some pics in my next blog, maybe when the kids go down for a nap. Pictures are a lot more fun than anything I could rant or rave about that has happened these last few months:)