Thursday, February 10, 2011


Life catches up to me all too often, and catches me off guard. My mind is one big cluster of so many sensitive emotions, and I have to keepsake and keep up with my quiet nights spent sorting through all of these emotions and thoughts while Talya sleeps. When my attitude slowly starts shifting to the more negative side of this world, I know I need more "me" time. I am a sponge. I collect all the feelings, hurt, heartache, and confusion of my loved ones, and try to take it all on and fix things or help, in any way that I can. I actually do the same thing regarding strangers, that is why I choose not to watch the news. And I take on, try to fix, and help only in the ways that I know how to. Which I'm learning aren't always the right ways. I'm learning I break myself down by doing this. I take on, and feel what others feel all too much, and I really feel sometimes that I feel the hurt just like they do. I start to crumble, I depress my mind with all the sadness. This is unhealthy... I have lately shed some light upon my own life, by thinking healthier and more realistically. These are the conclusions that have helped me self improve, with more understanding as to where I stand, and what it is that I should take on and worry about in my OWN setting....

You cannot change ANYONE, it is only their choice. So one is wasting time worrying about another's bad choices. If you were the one hurt, forgive. We are actually treating ourselves even more so with the accomplishment of forgiveness, then what it is exactly we are giving to the forgiven. Stay hopeful, yet stay guarded. U do not have to have complete trust in someone, to have faith in them. The weak need the strong to see what they can't.

If it isn't life or death, Just be:) Be present in the simple things. Embrace all moments; life changing ones, or a walk in the park. Life is to be enjoyed and captured full heartedly, letting absolutely nothing fall through the cracks. Wasting our thoughts and our energy on anything negative, is just stripping ourselves of the purest talent god granted each of us... the ability to love. You cannot love with all you can give, with the slightest grudge or resentment in your heart<3

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  1. Hope you don't mind me stopping by and commenting. I just wanted to say all of your thoughts you expressed were so great. You actually helped me better define something I've known about myself for a long time. I'm also a sponge. And that's hard. Thanks for your insight. You really are one of those beautiful souls you sometimes get the fantastic chance of knowing in your life. Keep being your amazing self: )