Wednesday, February 9, 2011


.... I stress too much about catching up and updating, that I fall even more behind:) So no catching up, it scrambles my brain too much :P So it is now February 2011! The year 2011 has already been 1000 times better than 2010:) I'm excited for this year and all the fun in store:)

Talya is now 2 1/2. Going on 12!! I'm tellin ya, this girl is a hoot! I love her so much. She is so beyond perfect in my eyes:) I will have to start writing down all of the many funny things she says. She is such light in my every days, I'm very lucky to be her mom:)

I have a lot of self improving resolutions for this year. I won't bore anyone and share them all... but I will say that I am going to TRY to post a blog at least twice a month:)

And a very random suggestion today... I tell anyone reading this, go to subway and buy ya a bunch of RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE COOKIES!!! OMG! They are THE BEST!!! Thanks to my wonderful sister Sami for treating me with some the other day:):)


  1. I've totally missed your posts! Glad to see things are going well for you and little Talya! :) Welcome back! ;)